Thanks for stopping by

Thanks for stopping by

Monday, March 21, 2011

Portland Light

While this is not a particularly unique photograph of the Portland Lighthouse in Maine, it is one of my favorites.  As some of you know, my wife is very intrigued by lighthouses, so we try to stop in at different lighthouses whenever we are in the neighborhood.  This one was taken a few years ago on a trip through New England.  This is one of the most picturesque lighthouses on the east coast.  We were here the evening before but the weather was miserable and rainy and not really photogenic.  So the next day we got up early  and backtracked about 30 miles to try again.  I was glad we did because the conditions were very nice.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lake Mission Viejo Panoramic

This is fun to do.  This photo is actually made from a series of eight separate photos that have been "stitched" together in Photoshop to create a single wide photograph.  This was taken at Lake Mission Viejo looking north towards Saddleback Mountain in the background. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Empty Beach

I visited Lake Mission Viejo a couple of weeks ago to check out the sunset and took this photo using my 16-35mm lens set at 16mm f/22.  I was trying to convey the emptiness of the beach.  This was processed as a single image HDR and then I added some vignetting.  I'd be interested in any feedback you might have.  Do you like this look or is it over the top?